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Iggy Bench No. 1

Iggy Bench No. 1


I’ve had my dog Iggy for over 12 years. My love for him, while deeply felt, isn’t something I fully understand. We have a shared purpose driven by overwhelming instincts to protect, comfort, and support one another. How and why we feel this way will remain a mystery, but not unnoticed. Bench No. 1 continues to explore Iggy’s physical form while honoring the support he’s given me, carrying so much of the emotional weight I’ve accumulated over time. The legs are bolder and more defined than Table No. 1. Their posture suggests a bracing squat, as if Iggy is welcoming folks to come rest for a while. 

Bench No. 1 is made of black walnut sourced from Wisconsin. The top includes both sapwood and heartwood, what’s often referred to as “live edge,” providing the piece a beautiful gradience of color. Butterfly keys were added to prevent further checking over time and gives the piece a playful yet dapper look (which so perfectly captures Iggy’s personality).

Proudly designed and handmade in Chicago using traditional hand tools.

  • Dimensions (H x W x D)

    26" x 33" x 17"

  • Wood Species

    Black Walnut

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