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Iggy Table No. 2

This occasional table continues the Iggy series while exploring a different interpretive angle to his form. The legs are joined to the exterior sides of the table, giving the piece a stout, shrugging posture commonly associated with dogs. Knowing a dog for any length of time reveals his varying personalities, moods, and idiosyncrasies - a range we often associate with humans. This series represents that multidimensionality through a range of visual representation.


Iggy No. 2 is made of American Cherry, sourced from Wisconsin. It’s comprised mostly of dovetail joints: standard for the table top and drawers, sliding for the dividers, and wedged mortises (another type of dovetail) for the drawer pulls. As with all my furniture, the table was designed and built in Chicago, IL using traditional hand tools.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

26" x 33" x 17"

Wood Species


American Cherry

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