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Arthropod No. 1

Throughout the year I’ve been building a series of furniture exploring several dimensions of my dog Iggy, interpreted through postures representing his physical form and our symbiotic relationship. During that time I considered designs that were more abstract and exaggerated than what I’d been making. This table is the first of these. It draws inspiration from the animal form, evoking the skeletal body of a scorpion or crab in action. Its legs extend from the sides of the table’s body. The short tail functions as a stop for the table top so it can remain open for display, or at least long enough for someone to access the inside with two free hands. This versatile piece can be used as an occasional table, small desk, or elevated chest. 

Arthropod No. 1 is made of American cherry sourced from Wisconsin. Dovetail joints are featured in the table’s body and drawers; variations of mortise and tenon joints were used in the legs. As with all my furniture, this table is handmade in Chicago using only traditional hand tools and wood joints. No hardware was used in its construction (with the exception of iron hinges for the top). 

Dimensions (H x W x D)

31" x 43" x 19"

Wood Species


American Cherry

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